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IH Cargostar Cab - 3D Printed

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On 1/11/2018 at 7:25 PM, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

I've been wanting one ever since I first saw this one. I just need to source a 6v-53 for it.

Im wanting some 53 series detroits too. Ive got big plans to scratch a 453 and a 6v53....but thats as far as they've gotten...plans lol

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Looks good! Many of us have been waiting for these long ignored vintage mediums. Any more views, side, back etc? If this Cargostar becomes available as a full cab kit like the excellent Loadstar kit, I'm in on a few for sure.

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9 hours ago, vincen47 said:

Anyone have success sanding, prepping, and painting the surface of a 1/25 3d printed cab or body?

That is a good question. we have seen mixed results posted on here. They are not as easy as a plastic injected cab but they are getting much better. 

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here in holland we have someone how have do that work on a daf [ 1960 old truck ]

he said its a lot of work to get this smooth because its nylon and very hard , not fine to sandit like the normal kits material , he have put a couple of primers on and sand it and than again primer before its smooth and and good to put the paint on

the material its self is hard and its difficult to get it nice because its poraus and small wels [ if i say it right ]

i have some 3d printed wheels and the are nice for tyre,s because the its like a surface thats normal for a tyre

for cab,s and more i dont like it [ but thats my opinion ] to much work for a nice build before you have a result 

you can not work with it like you do for a normal kit ore resin 


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I agree, Jacobus.  I have had some tires and other small things printed by 3D and it is fine because of the texture of a real tire is not perfectly smooth.  I think we will have to wait a bit for the process to be perfected to the point where things like cabs will be printed smoothly or without a lot of preparation.  The smaller the layers of material put down, the better the surface but that increases the time for printing and raises the cost of the work.  

As for me I will stick with kits and scratch built resin castings for now.

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