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my promo tweeks

damodelguy az

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ive gotten into some promos over the years.  the warp can be nasty on some.  this is the way ive repaired some ive put into collection.  some people talk about heat and such which i havnt had luck with. i had a rambler wagon on shelf that was the kit so i made this promo into the 4 door car. gluing cracks, you have to put a backer for suport.

3-5-16 050.jpg












models and car shows 062.JPG

models and car shows 063.JPG

models and car shows 064.JPG

models and car shows 065.JPG

models and car shows 067.JPG

models and car shows 068.JPG

models and car shows 069.JPG

models and car shows 070.JPG

models and car shows 071.JPG

models and car shows 072.JPG

models and car shows 073.JPG




20160102_215210 (1).jpg




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Great saves on those promos Glen.  It can obviously be a real chore to work on some old, warped, cracked & damaged promos but you've obviously got the patience and skills to bring them back.  I've got one '58 Desoto promo that has the Johan "smile" that I've been putting off working on.  The other '50's promos I have are just either missing glass or interiors.  Each one will get its turn on the bench eventually.

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Great saves all around Glen.I particularly live the two door wagon. You have some really good "Cycolac(the plastic those were made from) surgery"skills. That crack on the Mopar wagon was not a crack..it was the size of the San Andreas fault !

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