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Tamiya Jaguar XJ220 - Finished!


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So, as you all are probably used to by now from my side. I tend to work on multiple models at once. The reason is simple, i get bored quick. but besides that its also a matter of area to spray bodies, so i do multiple at once when i have the chance to do so, and while i cant i work on the rest untill i cant go any further.

The body of the XJ220 i already sprayed before xmas (together with the MK2 and GT3 porsche) so it has had plenty of time to get hard, and now ive started to work on the rest of the kit:

It all starts with an engine right?





Quick test of the interior, the seat inserts that are still gray on the pics, will be made black before going in for definate:



And last but not least (for this moment), a test with the painted body on top:



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21 hours ago, Shelby 427 1965 said:

I’ve not seen an XJ220 done in this colour before so I’m very interested. I like it.

Please be very cautious with the fitment of the body to the chassis - I had a lot of issues with getting it to sit right at the back. I never did get it perfect in the end. 

Just a heads up. ;) 

Yeah i noticed that also, well see how it turns out, thx for the tip! regarding the color, well the colors it came in from the factory i find very boring, so i decided to change it up a little with french blue from tamiya (TS10) and the lightblue revell paint matches real good for the interior ;)

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Done a little work again yesterday. got everything finished now except for the body things. Now its time for the hardest and my least favorite part.... fitting the glass and windows... i always get glue and fingerprints all over them sadly...






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Havent done much recently, only cleared the body (i suddenly realized i completely forgot to clear the paint).

Decided to go with the TS65 clear. Its a pearl clear, and i must say the result it gives looks awsome! Cant wait to put the matte black spoiler and "hoodgrill" in..


How it looks in the sun:



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On 19-2-2018 at 12:42 AM, Bainford said:

The Jag is coming along nicely. I love the colour choice. I have been searching for the perfect blue for a Ferrari project, and I think this colour is just the ticket.

The color is awsome indeed, however its the combination of the paint (Tamiya TS-10 French blue) combined with the pearl clear (Tamiya TS-65), the blue on its self has little to no shine, needs a nice clearcoat to make it really stand out like it does now!

Soon more, i should be completing the car fairly soon, just finished the F430 last night, should have this done tonight or tomorrow probably. than you can really see how it looks with the black body parts!

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