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1/24 Ford GT40 Mk1 engine 3d printed by myself

mad mike

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Hello everyone,

some of you might remember my 1/8 GT40 engine featured here some time ago.

Now I've modified the data to create a 1/24 version made of 15 parts, using my own jewelry-grade 3d printer.

Below you can see the result, the parts weren't sanded or anything, just cleaned, glued together and painted with a single layer of aluminium paint.

If someone is really interested in having one I might build it on request, and if you'd like to have some of those Webers you can get them here:



DCOEs are available too.

Thanks for looking!




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4 hours ago, John Goschke said:

Now we're getting somewhere!  This the first time I've seen 3d printed stuff that really shows an acceptable surface surface finish in small scale. Beautifully done!


4 hours ago, Jhedir6 said:

Awesome. I'd buy at least one too if you offer it. Please PM me you decide to sell them. Thanks.


21 minutes ago, FabbricaP said:

Wow. Thats incredible! Please make this a kit?:)

Yeah. All the above. Ho-lee cow.

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3 hours ago, Phildaupho said:

Truly amazing. Is this the future of model building? Will we download a model program to our 3D printer to produce all the parts to build a scale model?

Downloads will probably be available (almost everything else is) for a price

Back to the original topic, that is some absolutely stellar work!

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Hello everyone,

thank you all for the kind words! It's always good to hear that other modelers appreciate what I'm doing.

Currently I'm looking into a possible limited "production run" of some kits, seems there are indeed some people interested, let's see what I can do.

Here's a pic of the parts after printing and cleaning, I'll try to take a pic of the parts without support structure next.

Short part list:

-2x Exh Trumpet       
-Exh lh               
-Exh rh           
-2x Guibo coupling   
-Starter plate       
-Pulleys w/ belt   
-4x Weber IDA   



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