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Ferrari 599 GTO Revell + hobbydesign pe + hd whell + opening door


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19 hours ago, Gramps46 said:



19 hours ago, landman said:

Oh yes!!!


18 hours ago, Matt Bacon said:

Beautifully done! Is there a WIP showing how you opened and hinged the doors? I'd love to know....

Just stunning looking.

All the best,



17 hours ago, Jonathan said:

Stunning is the only word that comes to mind.


17 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Beautiful paint and finish..


16 hours ago, PowerPlant said:

That is just mind-blowing! 

I would also like to see the process of opening/hinging the door if possible :)



15 hours ago, stevehansen said:

VWOW, perfect!!!!


15 hours ago, Zoom Zoom said:

Wow, amazing work on the GTO! If there was one real Ferrari I would most love to own and drive...a lot...it would be the 599 GTO. 


14 hours ago, Twokidsnosleep said:

Holy cats this is nicely done...could double for the real car in some of the photos. Awesome work


14 hours ago, Phildaupho said:

Congratulations on an absolute masterpiece!!


12 hours ago, DiscoRover007 said:

Nicely done. Probably one of the best models I’ve ever seen. Especially considering the modifications.


11 hours ago, El Caballo said:

Que bella.


11 hours ago, kelson said:

I'm in agreement with everyone else,what an outstanding build!!


9 hours ago, jaymcminn said:

That is truly beautiful. Amazing color combination, and the shut lines on those doors are perfect. Wonderful!


9 hours ago, Kemszi said:

Very nice build!
I ordered today one of these kit


9 hours ago, Matt T. said:

WOW! Amazing build quality. Beautiful car. Well done. 


28 minutes ago, Silver Foxx said:

A really nice build , a lot of top class work .


thanks everyone


I share from production photos


I cut it by digging it with a knife



roughly filled with voids


door interior shapes




2mm metal rod on the body



mounted on the door bar



painted white, made of mask and painted blue



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