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Miss Deal now finished


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Hi everyone. Apologies for my absence and the lack of any more work on my 57 Chevy...I am at a real head scratching moment with that thing. So I thought I'd do another build. This time it's the Revell Miss Deal funny car. Based on an English Ford Anglia, and by based I mean the bodywork slightly resembles a real Anglia! So far the engine is in progress, I will be doing some minor tweaks to that and probably the wheels too. Revell are not my favourite model maker and this shows up in the poor fit quality but I'll sort those niggles out. The paintwork is a 2 tone blue/green and from what I can glean off the interweb it's blended in, so some careful spraying is called for!





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Once you get past sanding out all the mold imperfections, it's not a bad kit to build.  Watch out for the top of the blower, mine had a big sink mark, not repairable with those ribs. So I replaced it with one from my parts box.   Also, I've been told that the exhaust is a challenge.  I swapped in a set from the parts box for that was well.

I did mine as part of the 24 Hour Build a few years ago, so I did get it all done in 24 hours straight without stopping!5a746fe052336_53stude2013.jpg.4268f68e6b081de1299bf26e7ee2a367.jpg

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I see what you mean by a mark on the blower intake. Mine is so small I'll leave it as is I think. I managed to cut the crooked mounting point off the blower manifold and now it all fits flush together. I do have a question though, having never owned a V8 powered anything where does the distrbutor go? Is it where I've put it in the pic, ie where the magento fits?

And a pic of an Anglia. This is why I thought it was based on that, albeit a very stretched Anglia! :D








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2 hours ago, donkeychomp said:

... where does the distrbutor go? Is it where I've put it in the pic, ie where the magento fits?



Yes, that's where the distributor OR the magneto would go on this particular engine...which represents a 331-354-392 Chrysler, one of the "first-gen" Chrysler hemi engines. 

The next design Chrysler hemi, the 426, has the distributor in front, and the current Hemi design from Chrysler has no distributor...only coil packs (from the factory, though the engine can be retrofitted with a conventional distributor).

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A lucky guess with the dizzy! Interesting to know the new cars use coil packs. I've been looking at a lot of pictures of this car and it seems to have had several colour changes over it's life. I've seen green/blue, blue and red so far. So I'm not sure what colour scheme to go with. Any thoughts?


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40 minutes ago, Chris in Berwyn said:

This isn’t a model of a real car so you can do any paint you want.  Given what a recognizable kit it is I think it should always be done in blue and green. 

Now you tell me after I have mine already done..............................................


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That looks superb Nick. I see you used the exhausts that come with the kit, and I think that matt white colour is a better option than chrome. You can have TOO much bling! So a little more done, the engine is getting there, the floor pan and chassis rails are painted as is the rear diff. And the body has now had a second coat of Ford Signal Green.







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I'm using Ford Signal Green and Ford Riviera Blue for the body.  Had a test fit of the dizzy, might need to trim the wires a little, and the axle now fits the chassis after a lot of sanding down. Very few of these parts fit correctly and some of the instructions make no sense but I am getting there! Even though this kit was sealed the metal bar to hold the rear wheels onto the axle was missing so I found some screws from a Tamiya kit and I hope they'll do the job.

And the body got it's final coat of green too!







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That paint is superb, nice work.

I've done a bit more, my screw idea to hold the wheels on didn't work so I cut down some slim rivets and used those...however the diff wouldn't close up properly as the rivets were a little too wide, so a dab of filler and all looks good now. I also tried cleaning the chrome off the exhausts with bleach but that didn't work so I used some oven cleaner...now THAT worked! The engine is done now, I've added a lead from the starter motor and when the engine is in place I'll see where I can hide it...











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22 hours ago, El Caballo said:

How did you get the marbled look on that car?

It's a Swirladelic paint job.  "Uncle Potts" at this link tells how to do it 

  The only difference between how he describes it and I did it is I started with the body submerged in the water, then sprayed the paint on the water, then pulled the body up and out (I pre-attached handles made of a coat hanger to underside of the car before submerging it.)  I had a sharp x-acto handy to pop any bubbles full of water once it was pulled out.  After it dried I used a few coats of Testors One Coat clear and polished it.  I have read that the only paints that work for this technique are enamel sprays, and I used Testors enamel sprays.

Sorry to have semi-hijacked the thread.

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