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Miss Deal now finished


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Hijack away I think that paint method is a great idea!  And Walter I agree with you about that cable. I discovered the smaller Tamiya cables slot into the larger ones, so I trimmed a bit off and voila. Then went to fit the rear shocks only to realise I had the diff on upside down...fixed that easily but the shocks don't clear the diff, more excellent Revell build quality. A bit of bodging and they are now on. Also the chrome front is assembled and one very tricky header unit is made up.





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Good luck with yours Ted! 

A bit more done. The chassis is finished, although I do need to cut about 3mm off one driveshaft (or rivet!) so the wheels are sticking out equally. One engine hose that came with the kit was awful so I cut a small bit of tubing and painted that instead, looks a lot better I think. And both header units are done with some added bracing as they are rather wobbly without it!






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After some head scratching I tried to blend in the blue colour. I masked off then peeled back a small edge of the tape so when it was sprayed it would 'bleed' into the green. I was very surprised to find out it did nothing of the sort but I do have a dead straight and seamless line between the two colours. Not sure if I should leave it like that or try again...

The chassis is completed, I'm going to make some seat belts too and maybe mount them to the rear roll cage, the gearknob design is awful so I will make my own and the little foot...well she is called Miss Deal so nail varnish is on...:D





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I've done some detailing to the seat belt, added a fire extinguisher, and some front brake lines. Doing the firewall was a bit trickier as I had some old but usable small decals I could use for the rev counter and whatever the other two gauges are! I needed to fill the rev counter 'hole' and found an old indicator light that fitted so tight it needed so glue...result! Decals on, pedals too. Then the body shell got some chrome beading on the edges. Not far from finishing this now.









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