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Cobra Racing Team 53 Ford Truck and Trailer

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Just finished up the truck and trailer for the Cobra Racing Team kit.  Very happy overall with the results. Went with a period correct Turquoise color along with a white/Turquoise two tone interior.  Kit was pretty nice overall with only a few minor fitment issues. I did the bed using 1/4 in balsa wood along with plastic strips which I painted on the chrome.  Also went with the hemi engine but did all else pretty much stock with the exception of the floor shifter.  I modified the trailer by using some tires and chrome wheels I had leftover from another kit as what comes with the kit are plastic.  Now to move on the do the Cobra build.  Going to try and replicate the Dan Gurney 99 Cobra to the best I can.










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3 minutes ago, BigTallDad said:

Very nice; I especially like the floor in the bed. Is that real wood?

Thanks!  Balsa wood - stained and satin varnished.

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2 hours ago, whittt said:

Fantastic Build!!!!  What is the trailer from?

Came with the kit - three piece kit.  Truck and Trailer and the Cobra.

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I have a 1/1 '61 F100 in it;s original color that's a little lighter than that, but otherwise a very similar color. Mine also has a high performance engine, but not a Hemi. It's a 428 Cobra Jet.


That picture on film from 25 years ago and scanned nearly 20 years ago really doesn't do the color justice. It looks way faded in this now.

I've professionally built some race car trailers in my time, so when I build this same kit, I will have a number of changes to do to the kit trailer. You did a nice clean job of building yours though.


Also, another AMT screw-up on this kit is that this was the 1st year for the Ford 9" axle. An F250 or 350 would have had a Dana style axle, but not an F100. So mine will be getting one, probably home made resin from an AMT 1990s NASCAR kit or maybe a '66-'67 Fairlane or Comet.

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