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Revell Volkswagen Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

Erik Smith

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That is an amazing looking build. Besides the obvious Paint and Trim detailing, this is now a kit I would look forward to building. The Mirrors mounted on the Fenders is not a common style here. I like the Bumpers removed. I had watched your build and I would get that engine also. Man this is just so nice to look at.   

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Ordinarily, I probably wouldn't have even looked at a thread about a Volkswagen ( I'm an American car bigot), but I'm glad I did!

Terrific craftsmanship is terrific craftsmanship no matter what the subject matter! Beautiful job with incredible detail!


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Very nice work, indeed!

you nailed it. 

I owned a mk1 Golf a few decades ago. Great car. Mine had 130k on the clock and still went like a rocket!

That engine upgrade looks like money well spent. I'm about to start one of these and I was hoping to use some 14" wheels to get it low. Having seen the underside of yours, I think I'll need to either rethink my wheel choice or tub the wells.

maybe the 3 weeks wait for the engine won't be so bad, if I have to do suspension mods...

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