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Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

Greg Pugh

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On a weekend getaway to Central Oregon for a little R&R (oh, and my son’s basketball tournament...lol), I brought along the ‘40 Ford to whittle on. In addition to wanting to lower the lid, I also wanted to improve upon the hardtop design a little. I was able to score a chopped 3-window top from the AMT ‘36 Ford Coupe to get the general shape I was after. Far from a slam dunk though. I wanted to retain the ‘40 windshield shape and the ‘36 roof is just a tad too narrow for the ‘40 body. So, much surgery is needed. This is what I had after about 3 hours. The ‘40 windshield frame was chopped about 3 1/2 scale inches and reattached.








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The lines are looking good.

Too many times when these things get sectioned, the builder goes too far and they end up looking squashed.

You amount of sectioning looks just right, and seems to be working well with the hardtop roofline you're creating.

Keep it going like this and she'll be a knockout...nicely modernized, but still a Forty.

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