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41 willys gasser


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Hi have this one on another forum so will post my progress from that forum here. Another one that I have dragged out of the stalled projects cupboard. This is the revell 41 willys street rod kit that was an old build that I dismantelled combined with the revell k&s pitman gasser kit. Started off by chopping the front chassis off the street rod kit and replaced it with the gasser front chassis so I ended up with a tubbed gasser to give it the more modern gasser feel of today. Found the rims and tyres in the parts box and am happy with the stance of it. Used some slixx and revell decals on the body, bmf and clear coated it all with duplicolor rattle can clear. Will be using a supercharged 426 hemi and either topped of with bugcather injection or two big dominator carbs. Will also be scratch building a wheelie bar set up and also a parachute mounting point. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve.




Hi been working on this one the past week or so but havent had the time to post any pics so here are a few updates of this one. Had to cut the floor pan from the tubs as I didnt want to use the pro street interior, didnt want the huge console and installed a gasser section from the tubs forward. Also used the original motor in my 64 dodge 330 gasser so have modified a 426 hemi and installed a set of heads and valve covers from a 392 hemi bonus is the 426 has a manual box behind it. Found a tunnel ram set up in the parts box but didnt like how the runners fitted to the base and they didnt really have a good shape to them so removed the runners and scratch built my own which now aligns up with the base. Found a couple of dominator carbs in the parts box and have added fuel lines and a couple of scratch built regulators. Using a set of pro stock headers that I found in the parts box but didnt fit because of the chassis so extended them using the extensions from one of the later model revell funny cars and have painted them up in flat white and shaved some lead pencil and smeared it around the exhuast opening to simulate use. Have also made up a parachute mount and cable release mount but still have to add the cable. Hoping to have this one finished by the end of the weekend. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve

Pulled this one out last night hoping to get finished before xmas. Made up some side windows and gave them a coat of transparent red, made up my own distributor and plug wires , finished off the interior and that needs finishing of is radiator, chute cable and a final clean.. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve

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Hi Steve, lots of innovations shown, plus a great paint choice and well applied.  One thing that bothers in my opinion is your rear tire choice.  That's a very big tire for this car, and the wheel fitment is poor. 

This pic;


Those wheels were screwed in as far as I know,  I think the wheel/tire combo would appear better if the rim was placed more 'into' the tire.  Cudos on the intake manifold, that's a lot of work.

I hope to have not offended, just my take is that many modelers could pay more attention to wheel fitment, and get the rims surrounded by rubber, and not to have the space looking like deflation.


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Hi Steve, thanks for the insight.

Gold is one of my favorite paint schemes and you've done amazingly well.  I love the quality paintjob you've shown us.  Plus, if you don't mind, the pic quality is also very nice.  Man...shadows from the car on the pavement...gotta love it!

Greetings, Michael

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Thanks everyone for your comments, will have to get stuck back into this one over the next couple of days and try to finish it off. Will post updates as I go along

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