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1958 edsel pacer custom

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Going to try my luck at this amt edsel pacer since the superbee in the motm build didnt go to plan. Going for a oob build with a little detailing and will be trying to get it a low as possible. Tried a couple of combos of rims and tyres and think I will go for the first set but still have a set of keystones to try as well. Decided on duplicolor crystal mint metallic for the main body and pearl white for the roof and side flash and will be using the continental kit and fender skirts. Though I had a set of old school lake pipes but looks like they have gone missing. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve

Have painted the roof and the side flash duplicolor ultra white and waiting for it to cure before I paint the crystal mint metallic. The bonnet on this kit was real bad and and with primer it looked ok but once I got some color on it you could see the sink marks all over the place from the under hood strengthening supports but lucky enough to be able to sand down enough paint that it acted as a filler so after sanding was just a matter of re painting yet have another one of these kits I am building for a friend and is flawless, go figure. Have posted pics of before at the moment and to give an idea of color. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve
Just a small update , got the main painting on the body done yesterday and gave it a quick mock up to see how it looks. Hope to have it polished up , bmf and clear coat in the next couple of days. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve

Mocked up the majority of the interior today just a little touch up,the buttons on the seats need some bmf and dash facia needs finishing then the interior will be finished.

Have to sand down the rear of the front seats along the top where I missed sanding down properly and a quick respray otherwise everything looks good. Have also started the motor which will be basically stock with a chrome air filter, shame they dont supply the decals for the valve covers. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve
Have now sorted out the suspension and this is the final stance it will have. Planning on getting the bmf done in the next couple of days so I can give it a clear coat and get it finished up but may not get it finished in time due to my dad being admitted to hospital yesterday for emergency surgery due to bowel cancer. Cheers and thanks for looking, Steve

Just a small update worked the rear end to bring it down a little more where I wanted it and now happy with the stance. Finished of the continental kit with some bmf and clear coat and have mocked it up to see how it looks, just need to install the bumper over rider rubbers. Now just have to concentrate on getting the bmf and clear coat on the body between hospital visits. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve

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Looking very nice. That continental kit should lean forward. The only time those leaned out was when you needed to access the trunk area. Love the low down stance.

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Misspelled work

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3 hours ago, vc273 said:

Decided on duplicolor crystal mint metallic for the main body and pearl white for the roof and side flash


2 hours ago, DumpyDan said:

Sweet looking ride, what color is the roof gonna be?


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Nice progress, looks great so far.

Best wishes for your Dad's surgery- hope everything works out ok.

David G.

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Thanks everyone for your comments the roof is painted diamond white but thinking of doing a pearl clear over the top of it. Thanks David regarding dads surgery, Tom continental kit isnt glued on yet as I still have to bmf and clear coat the body, so will be straight once its finished. Cheers Steve

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Another great looking build. You really move fast on a build. As others have mentioned, I think we all wish the best for your father. I wouldn't change the colors at this point , but when the Edsel first came out they had some interesting 3 color combinations. All of the cars I remember at that time with the Continental Kits as they were called always sat lower in the rear. I think the 1:1's just used stock springs and that was a lot of weight hanging off the rear.   You mentioned engine decals and I wonder if this kit has the raised lettering on the valve covers. The lettering would usually start with an "E" and then a number relating to the engine size. I think with a steady had you might be able to hand paint that.

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Thanks David and Dennis for your comments. David didn't want the look of a tail dragger and since its been lowered, I only have about a millimeter clearance between the top of the inner guard and tire, I decided to leave it as is and might have to get out a red sharpie and give the lettering a go thanks for the idea

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