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Model A Headlight Mounts

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Anyone know of anything to use or make to create headlight mounts / brackets for Model A's, etc?

I have plenty of headlights, but no brackets. Any help is appreciated.


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Since those are either boxed sheetmetal fabrications or solid castings, you could carve them from .080" styrene sheet fairly easily.

That would make them a scale 2" thick, which is about what they appear to be at the right-angle bend...though they appear to be thicker at the bottom.

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As Ace has so very well described, this is where very basic "scratchbuilding" begins!  Time to step out of one's "boxed in" comfort zone,  strike out, figure out how best to make such mounting brackets," move one's modeling skills just a few grooves inward on the record disc", to coin a  phrase.  In short, this is not rocket science, but just another step down the path of model car building.


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It just occurred to me that an easier way might be to find two symmetrical pieces of sprue that resemble the shape you want. 

Most sprue is round, but it's easy to flatten the sides neatly by gluing a piece of sandpaper (100-180 grit) to a very flat surface, and working the side of the sprue down. Turn over and repeat.

This will also leave you with nicely rounded sides where you didn't flatten them.

A lot of modelers try to scratch-build roll cages from sprue, but it's usually way too heavy looking in 1/24-1/25 scale.

For this application, it might be perfect.   :D

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