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Tamiya Mazda 787b

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Finally calling this one done, man did I have issues. Sorry guys I should have posted more recent WIP pics, but to be completely honest sometimes it simply distracts me too much. 


Rear shocks, scratch built 

Rear wing, cast
Right rear brake duct/hub assembly, cast
Rear disks, cast
Ignition wires added
Electronic wires and ties added 
Air box support rods added
Rad faces, PE
Exhaust ducting, PE
Has filler rings, PE
The colour scheme is ALL paint no decals. 

Base, Spaz Stix chrome.
Candy orange, layers of Tamiya clear orange and a couple light layers or clear red then more orange.
Candy green, Tamiya clear green. 

The dashes are all hand cut, taking 8hrs to cut (about 200), 4hrs to ly down, another hr to remove. 

This originally  started out as a Halloween themed build, hence the faces. In the end I decided to just do the build as an odd or macabre themed subject.

Thanks for looking in guys.



<img src=" />><a href=img_0755.jpg
img_0810.jpg" />

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On 2018-02-24 at 10:12 AM, D. Battista said:

Wow...!  That is Cool...!

One can certainly appreciate all the work you put into this... great craftsmanship...  I think it came out looking great,  Kinda if the knights in the Medieval era had racecars..!

Thanks man, never thought of that.

On 2018-02-24 at 2:14 PM, dublin boy said:

Great stuff my friend.

Cheers Shay.

On 2018-02-24 at 5:11 PM, Reeves Racing said:

Beautiful paint work Curt, still not fond of the zombie faces but thank goodness we all aren't the same!

Thanks Mitch, that's ok about the faces, they are pretty creepy.

On 2018-02-25 at 12:01 AM, slusher said:

Great build and awesome detail!!!



On 2018-02-24 at 3:57 PM, JeroenM3 said:

Wowzers that paintjob looks awsome! faces in the body aint my thing but sure takes alot of patience and craftmanship to add that many so kudo's on that anyways!

Thanks, the faces were cast from simple one piece moulds, I used two part silicon putty and 1/24 scale figures. Then two part sculpting expoy putty for any added bit around the face or resin.

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