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I see a fair number of positive posts about builders wishing someone (anyone actually) would offer a travel trailer kit. Is there a person out there on these forums that has the ability to offer a set of computer generated set of plans that could be used by those with average skills to build their own trailer from scratch ? Now that would be a great service to a lot of builders. All we need is for someone to step up and do it. maybe the pieces could be done on one of the Krick Kut paper crafting machines that are being used to make some really amazing parts seen here recently.

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I scratch build trailers as well if you PM me your email address I'll send you some photos of my stuff.I have built a 14' 1934 Airstream Torpedo, a 20 ft.Airfloat Navagator and some teardrops.Currently working on a 20 ft.Curtiss-Wright aerocar circa 1940.

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On 3/10/2018 at 3:41 PM, cheyenne93 said:

Scratch built this to put behind the 66 Suburban. Going to paint it to match. Had a lot of fun with it.


What tool did you use to make the lines on the sides, and how did you keep them so even and straight? Is that .040 flat styrene?

I have been wanting to build something like this for a really long time. i have interest in doing a diorama.



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