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In 1978 the SCCA announced that the Mazda RX-7 and British Leyland Triumph TR-8 would be eligible to race in class C Production.

This caused no small amount of dismay with Datsun, who had dominated the class for eight years.  The situation caused Datsun to expedite production of racing-edition of the 280ZX.

My mode is a tribute to those brave souls who took on the task of turning a brand new car into a race contender.


The kit is Revell's RX-7 because it had the factory flares and aero aids.  It didn't have any race tires to with it though.


Interior includes fabricated roll cage, fire extinguisher and battery box.  Fuel cell is from Big Donkey.



Engine has a Weber carb and stiffening structure.


I fabricated the exhaust and bigger anti-roll bars.


The decal just behind the door is for the SCCA-mandated master kill switch for the electrics.


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Cool subject, and something different.   I've been around some of these, at rallies where you could hear one coming long before any other car; and when I did track time, was following one that was super annoying loud, was glad to get past it!

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Thanks to all for the kind comments.  To answer some questions:

  • SCCA mandated a silencer for all 2-stroke and rotary engines. Mazdas you could hear all the way around the track.  The end of the exhaust is a "soup can" silencer.
  • Although the kit contains a roll bar, I fabricated a custom fit.  That includes all the strut braces.  These greatly improved chassis stiffness and handling.
  • The Minilite wheels and NASCAR tires are from the parts box. One problem with the tires was the chassis lowering I did.

Thanks for reading!

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