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Back to the Furture DeLorean, Polar Lights or Aoshima?

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So, I am looking to build a Back to the future car, what kit is better, or are they the same? The box art on both kits are just pictures from the movie. Price is close so that is not a factor. I just want the best kit and not end up buying 2 kits just to get it right.

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48 minutes ago, Jon Haigwood said:

AMT and Aoshima are the same. Was there ever a Stock Delorean kit produced ? I have two of the Aoshimas and one AMT and was thinking about building one for a "Sports Car" challenge build.

The was never a stock Delorean kit made.

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Thank you, this helps. I hate to buy a kit and then find out is is BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and have to go buy another.

This has happened to me before with the Daisy Duke Jeep, its a CJ5 not a CJ7 and with Chevy tow truck kit that was so bad I can't salvage anything out of it.

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