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11 minutes ago, The Dr Of Style said:

A few more 1:1 picks from the weekend

IMG_1617.jpg IMG_1618.jpg IMG_1619.jpg IMG_1621.jpg IMG_1628.jpg IMG_1629.jpg IMG_1631.jpg IMG_1636.jpg IMG_1639.jpg IMG_1640.jpg IMG_1643.jpg IMG_1644.jpg IMG_1653.jpg IMG_1655.jpg IMG_1658.jpg

Thank you for sharing. I enjoy seeing what is going on in other parts of the world. I'm very partial to Manaro's and owned an '05 Pontiac GTO . I wish we could have gotten the Ute's but GM shot themselves in the foot instead.     

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23 minutes ago, afx said:

Would be nice to get some of the Australian market Fords in kit form.

I know the parts box sells a few different aussie muscle cars including a XB falcon and a HK Monaro, but they aren't cheap. link to their store is bellow.


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