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Model T Reverse Engineered


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I have a fair collection of hot rods of all types & I thought it would be cool to have an original stock car to show where they all came from. I started with the AMT Fruit Wagon of all things but wanted a typical touring body that made up the majority of T's sold here in Australia. I could not find an early bodied kit anywhere so I cut & spliced a pair of two door bodies together. The job is not perfect but it gives you the idea of what they were like. I kept it black because everyone paints their T's various colours to be different. Final shots are grandpa with some of the kids!!

The joke in my club is that I cut up a hot rod to make a stocker rather than the other way around which is my norm.

Have a good one












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Beautiful work, love the T! It turned out very dignified. 

I also love the juxtaposition of that stock T against the modified versions, particularly the crazy Indy-inspired black and yellow creation. That thing is nuts!


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Thanks for the kind comments gentlemen. Much appreciated. I like the idea of it being dignified Chris. As I researched it, it became a much more important part of my collection than I first thought. The impact this little car had on society back then must be almost as significant as the internet is today when you think about it.




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