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The Munsters Drag-u-La


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After 2/3 months of building my Drag-u-La it is finally finished. I even took it to the local hobby shops contest with the Koach. Neither one of the kits won, and I guess the judges didn't like them. 

Drag-u-La was built from the standard model kit. I molded a old busted Revell dragster frame to the kit. I went with the body idea after seeing how the frame was pretty basic for the real car.  I found out after I molded/glued it to the frame from age the plastic was very brittle in a few places and would break. I had to wrap the frame pieces with jb waterweld to make it more solid. I cut the body, hinged the door, and added pins along the body to hold it down the hood, and not allow the door to wiggle when closed.  I used real fabric on the inside of the coffin, gold leafed the body, and light bar. When I leafed the body I didn't leaf the emblems on the body and wanted them to stand out.  I did a black wash to show out their artwork,  trim around the bottom, handles, and painted them with clear yellow.  I painted up the everything the right colors frame, dash, motor, interior like the orginal photos from MunsterKoachs website.  I made a custom differential  cover out of weld so it would look like the purple/webbed one in between the seat. Drilled out the carbs added little hoses, fuel filter, gas line runs to gas tank. I added a piece of small hose to each side of the gas tank, instead of using the decals for that. I added brake lines, gas & brake pedals, battery, battery cables, built a coffin radiator cover  with cross, hoses, added a small wire to the parachute,  wired the hand brake, fogged up the headlights, & made custom candles for the lights, etc. For fun I heated up my clay carving tool curved end to give the pipes a curved tip  and the black is from the fire, not paint.   I also glued in plastic pieces so the bottom looked more like the real car that was hanging at old Planet Hollywood. The pieces are located where the seat is located to hold seat/battery and gas and brake pedals.   Only decals I used was the Drag-u-la for the windshield, and the tombstone marble ones. The kit didn't come with the Ford logo for in front of the tombstone.     Before I forget this kit when the sunlight hits it, it really does shine.








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  • Blackkat13 changed the title to The Munsters Drag-u-La
59 minutes ago, shoopdog said:

Well I like it, pics aren't the best but it still comes across as a super nice build.

I took them after I finished building it around 4am.  I have plans on taking new ones later this week if the weather stays nice.  I think in natural light it will look better. 

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