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50 Chevy Farm Truck

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Here's one I just finished up. I'm off to a slow start for the year, but hopefully that will change soon. This one started off as the AMT 1950 Chevy 3100. The box was tossed in favor of a stake bed yanked from  the Lindberg 34 Ford pickup. Aside from your typical wiring, plumbing, and a good amount of weathering, I kept this one pretty basic. Hope you guys like it!














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Wow Tyler!  Your rust technique is just fantastic. Especially the thinning on the edges of the front fenders, rust texture and color.   A plus!

The one suggestion I could make is that the wipers are almost non-existent on this kit.  At first I thought there were no wipers, then I blew up one of your photos and saw them there.  I actually ran up to the model room and pulled out an unbuilt kit. AMT really made those faint!   I would suggest you add some wipers, especially since you went to the trouble of putting wiper marks on the glass. I'd mount them slightly askew as they usually were in 1:1 too.  That would make the model absolutely perfect!

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I like the really crusty looking rust. Lots of great little details, like the chains holding the side boards together. I have often wondered about using the Flat Bed from the Ford kit on some other truck. I also like the hood latch, I have known such vehicles.

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Awesome weathering! Love the rust effects, paint fade, and stake bed.

I'd also love to know more about the hay bales.

....I keep wanting to believe this truck is the real thing and could drive off at any moment! Well done.


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