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Chevy Monza new release - 4 cylinder engine needed

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My wife used to have a '77 Chevy Monza so I got one of the Monza re-releases the other day. It doesn't have the 4 cyl engine, but the rest of the kit looks decent enough to build like hers was. Does anyone know where I can get one or does someone have good pictures of all four sides so I can? A lengthy google search was unsuccessful, I only found a good picture of the passenger side. 

If this is in the wrong forum, please move it mods. 

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That would be the Vega engine with the Opel (GM Europe) sourced 4 speed transmission - All of the MPC Vegas, with the parts for a stock version, have this engine.  Not sure, but the Monzas may have had the GM Saginaw 4-speed or an automatic transmission.  There should be plenty of these engines in parts boxes out there, I don't think too many Vegas were built stock.  One should show up if you can move this over to the wanted section.

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On 31.3.2018 at 3:30 AM, Casey said:

Did it have the Vega 2.3L or the Pontiac "Iron Duke" 4-cylinder? If the latter, the 1/25 MPC Pontiac Fiero kit includes one:


A bit of offtopic, but do you or does someone else have that kit and would they be willing to take a picture of two of the Iron Duke engine? I'd need one to be able to build a replica of my 1:1 scale daily driver, a Chevy S10 but I don't want to buy the Fiero kit without having any information if the engine is good or not. Because to be honest I don't have interest for the Fiero kit otherwise.

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