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AMT White Freightliner COE-Updates-04/30

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On 4/22/2018 at 8:16 AM, mustang1989 said:


Well...........among other little tidbits that I'll have about this tricky kit (along with some tricky instructions) is the fact that the cab rests will have to be installed at a later part of the build than what the instructions call for. At least that's what I'm finding. They interfere with the exhaust crossover pipe installation between the two exhaust stacks. They are called out in this photo:




For the most part it's going fairly well. This kit has ALOT of seam filling, mold lines and ejector pin marks to contend with. I've marked most everything with a black sharpie so they'll stand out boldly for reference points during the actual build. I'm sooooooo glad I'm taking the time to do the build up because I'm finding some faults with the instruction sheet in terms of where stuff actually goes and I'm hitting the problematic areas with no fear of screwing anything I've painted/ detailed up.


Here's where I'm at right now. I may have to cut the crossover pipe in two in order to install it but that's ok. Again.......I'll know about this before hand with the actual build.



Think your air filter or the part that's sits on top of the radiator won't let the cab sit rite. I had to take mine off so the cab would sit all the way down.

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I also had to relocate the rear cab rests as they were not in the correct location once I tilted the cab down.


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