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64' Cadillac De Ville Convertible

Mahogany Rush

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Picked up this open box model from a widow who lost her husband recently. He had many built and unbuilt, but my budget was just for 5 out of the lot. I have owned a few real caddy's in my day and my dad always had one as a family car growing up. We never had a convertible though. Anyhow, I decided to go with Rustoleum Gloss Berry Pink for the exterior and Rustoleum Candy Pink for the interior. Found some nice felt to use as carpet at Michaels for 33 cents. JoHan's models seem to be well fitting in my experience and this was as well. Was an open box, so a couple things were missing, but I fixed that. The wheels are rollers, which meant that it was easier to drop in the weeds because of the straight axles. Used bigger whitewalls and rims from my parts box. No gloss coat on here. I used Pledge/Future Floor wax and it came out nice. Also, I did the windshield trim with a chrome pen instead of BMF. Did the engine in the same pink as the interior. No awards will be won here, but had fun building another shelver.


















Thanx for looking.

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Very nice Max and a coincidence also as I just finished a Cadillac deVille convertible kit this past weekend. Mine is also a shelf model, and I hope to do more work on the Foose Caddy and hopefully finish it soon. I have owned a couple of 1:1 Caddy's back in the 70's and really liked them.

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