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2018 Edmonton Motor Show

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Hit the annual Edmonton Motor Show last night. As usual, all the newest and latest and greatest. Some of it was great, most of it was just meh.

They also do a collector car auction, which I figure is of greater interest to most of you.

So here are a few pics, some of the new stuff, some of the auction cars, and a few thoughts of my own.



New Porsche GT3, and it's in my colour of choice. Yes, I want to drive a Smurf.



This E-Type was in the same dislay as the Porsche above. Gorgeous car.



I love my VW. and this new Golf R is bringing the 90s back. Similar colour to my old 95 Camar0.




The 2019 Ram 1500 was there in full force.  I spent a lot fo time on this truck, as trucks are my job, and I have a black 1500 Limited on order for myself. I think I annoyed the salesguy there, as I knew more than him, and ended up talking to a few people about it. Managed to get some business cards out to some people,  and one already emailed me this morning. I'm going to remember this for next year, and just bring a box of cards, and then walk around scooping deals for myself.





2019 Demon. Don't really need to say much more than that.






Dear Honda,

Thank you for designing and building the new Insight. Finally, the world has a car that is uglier than me, and everyone can forget about how hideous I am, and can focus on how much worse you are.


Pontiac Aztek





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Posted (edited)

Okay, on to the good stuff.


I love 80s cars. A monte Carlo SS? Yes, please.



Porsche will always hold a place in my heart. Even if they've been modded in ways I question.




Pantera. Drool.



Yeah, the interior is wrong, but these always make me smile.



An Eleanor replica. I always find them kind of bland, but I know people love them.



This Camaro made my pants tight. Completely custom, just stunning in person.






i'm not really a Mustang guy, but these two were very nicely done.








Couple of nice Chevs.


A Shelby convertible. Completely undetailed. Really? Not even cleaned, while at an auction.



Of course, Bullitts. I only want one of these cars. Not the new one.




Thought this was a cool little MG



Ang finally, I love the 70s cheese of this car, and totally want one. AMC Javelin, Pierre  Cardin edition. Needed some help, but oh how I want this one. Wifey not impressed at all with this one.




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Thanks for posting the pictures Dan.  I really like the Javelin.  Not crazy about the interior, but only 53,000 miles - wow!

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Thanks for posting. That Insight is about as bad as they get. Horrible !

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That Insight, like the Aztek before it, should be a reminder to all that "distinctive" is not necessarily the same thing as "beautiful"

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