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The track that goes on and on.

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2 hours ago, dieseldawg142 said:

fast, no doubt, but I thought the Porsche 911 GT2 RS was faster

I belive it did the Nuremberg in 6:47.3

Kinda hard to do Nuremberg...Nurburgring would work better as it is an actual race track.

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This record still stands to this day

" On May 28, 1983, a lucky confluence of events allowed for one of the greatest driving performances we'll ever see. Stefan Bellof, a 25-year-old racer from Germany, drove a Porsche 956 around the Nürburgring Nordschliefe in 6:11.13, a record that stands to this day, and one that doesn't look like it'll ever be topped. "   Porsche is taking their retired Porsche 919 LMP1 that has had some of the WEC rule restrictions taken off of it to Nurburgring next month. It just set the lap record at SPA and was1 second faster than Lewis Hamilton's F1 pole time there last year. If it runs there probably break the record. here is video of Bellof's record lap Nurburgring Lap Record



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On 4/21/2018 at 4:30 PM, dieseldawg142 said:

ok then

not really into europeon cars or where they run, or german  spelling, but nurburgrind it is

only reason I knew the porcshe 911 gt2rs is faster is cause this months issue of R&T has the ten fastest at nurburgrind


This track may not be important to you but it has become the most important track in the world to auto manufactures including US companies. This record is newer than the one in Road and Track. BTW the track is Nurburgring

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Fair comment - and it is a reasonable question...

Maybe you were a little forceful in your comment 'flat track pavement princesses' - and certainly I'm having a sense of humour failure today for various reasons!



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Funny, some of those photos look like a game.   I guess I know what i'll be doing on Forza for a few days now - improving my lap times on this track.  lol.  This is how I want my laps to look...   And it is amazing how realistic the gaming companies have gotten these tracks.    Wnder how many laps (experience) it takes to be able to pull off that one spectacular lap.



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Dan, I think I can maybe offer a little insight into the track times, and why the "faster" car is actually slower. I used to work for Porsche, and have been lucky enough to drive both the GT2 and GT3 on a track, Barber Motorsports in Alabama. The GT3 is the slower of the two, no question, but when you actually get on to the track, you can get the power down a lot faster in the GT3, and it hooks up faster. Getting out of corners faster got me better times in the GT3 than the GT2 by a significant margin. The GT2 is a rear engined 500hp monster. And when those turbos kick in, it can bite you! Now a professional driver can probably get that thing to hook up and launch much faster, but I'm not that brave. Being fast in a straight line is easy. Being fast in the corners? That's another thing entirely.




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