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Hermann Kersten

Marmon coe Topsleeper

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And we continue!

With all the rivetting with the Freightliners, i also complemented the rivets for this cabin.

This cabine is shorter than the Freightliners, and that's why I  "only"  needed about 250 till 260 rivets.

The edges of the door handles are made out of 0,25mm thick styreen and i have cutted and sanded this completely to the right size,  and i can guarantee you,  these edges are quite thin and small.:blink:

After all this work I sprayed the cabin in a primer and all look good and smooth.

The only small spot i found,  is an edge in the corner of the left headlight.






And with ther cabine on the chassis for the looks.....




Looks more better with the primer instead of all that white plastic.:D

Thats it for today guys, and see you next round!






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What Country were the top sleeper used in? I know Canada used them but what other Countries?

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Hi guys, thank's for the nice comments!

To be honest, i don't know wich state exactly the are active, the info is pretty poor on this one.

As far as I could find it, these magnavans rode in various states of the United States.

There were also different types of magnavans or volume transporters active in the states, like Internationals, Freightliners and even Kenworths, all of them COE's afcourse.

Maybye you can trace the states by the company names, st Joseph Motorlines, LHT and Charles Chips, these 3 company's drove with this type of Marmons.;)



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Hi guys,


Today some progress on this Marmon.

After all the rivet work and primer, it was time for the final colour.

I sprayed the cabin with Motip - dark blue.

The color will not be exactly exact, but it's pretty close to the real color.

After the paint was hardend, i polished the cabin with carwax and the cabine shines incredibly well , much more than i expected.:o



Then i painted the rest of the interior.

Currently I cannot close the cabin yet, because I am still waiting for a package from the states, and in this package there is also some interior parts that i really want to have inside this cabine.




Out of styrene i duplicated the steps from the AITM parts.




In color, this Marmon suddenly looks very different instead of the white plastic.:)

And  finally, a few fun pictures.



Next job is to polish the top sleeper.

That's it for today!




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Thank you Vince!

Today i show you the start of the small details at the sleeper.

First to begin with, is the two air horns with two different sizes,  because I am not sure yet which size is the best.

The cones themselves come from an another kit and the backside of these cones are selfmade, including the supports.

Then the transparent glasses  panted with Tamiya clear and glued them with superglue on a strip of  BMF foil.

In this way the glasses and the top lights are attached to the top sleeper as stickers, and i don't have to be affraid for glue mistakes with attching this stuff with normal glue.;)

The danger of normal glueing is that you have to move the lights a little bit to the right position and with this movement the superglue can damage the paint or you see glue spots on the fresh painted surface.:(


I renewed the stairs in the inside of the cabine, this time a little bit thinner than the first one.


And with the first lights attached....






Now the Marmon finally starts to look like the reference pictures....


Source: Hank Truck Pictures

Thats it for today guys, and see you next round!






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Its still looking good, excellent work Hermann

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I something use clear paint like nail polish.

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Looks Awesome!!

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Wow Herman just keeps getting better and better. 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the comments gentlemen!:)

On 5/17/2019 at 4:15 AM, clayton said:

I something use clear paint like nail polish.

I will remind that Clayton, i also used sometimes nail polish on the car, when a tiny spot of paint is chipped by small stones, works very good with nail polish.

Ok guys, the sleeper is done now, the windows are made out of a transparent smoke sheet.

All the lights are attached and to finish it wel, the horn is also attached now.




Also the cabine has his windows now, all the glass work is just attached, not gleud.

During the construction of the cab, I prepared the inner window frames for this.;)



Then attach the 2 fans, that i ordered by Double Take Replicas....



I also ordered by Moluminum the 1/25 low rider tires, drive- and steer tires, and replaced them with the 1/24 low rider tires from KFS.

The rims are also replaced with the more original rims and hubs, these rims and hubs are also from Moluminum.




And all together so far.....



That's all folks!

See you next round!







Edited by Hermann Kersten

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And we continue!

For this cabine i had to renew the steps, the old ones are a little too small in lenght.

Things like this just happen when you don't have much info, but it's not a limitation.:lol:

This also applies to the sky,  after watching some other pictures of other Marmons, i found out that they all have turbo's.

For this Marmon i changed the engine also to a turbo version and saw that the space for the exhaust pipe was much better in this way.

Ok, than make the bends and made them wit a piece of a sprue and make the ribs with 0,25mm x 0,5mm styrene strips.


Then make a new airfilter and attach this to the chassis an painted already the airpipe.



The batterybox is part of another kit and attach this to the right spot, what i saw on the real Magnavan.


And afcourse the steps for this cabine.

I made them in one piece, so that the attaching will be more easy.


Than the metal parts for the steps.....



and with a tape i attached them on the cabine for the looks.



With bare metal foil i made the chrome details on the cabine.


Thats all folks, see you next round.





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Look watching your builds , everything is well thought out and executed  ! Cool trick w the air pipe elbows,  I'm gonna have to borrow that one lol

Keep up the great work 

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Your attention to details is unbelievable! A well thought out project...Bravo!

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Fantastic project. Great build skills !



Be Well


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