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I like the raised 4x4 look on this one. I wonder if they might have used an Explorer chassis under this. Many years ago I lived at Pismo Beach Ca. and spent a lot of time in the sand dunes there. It was not uncommon to see a normal passenger car that someone had set on a Blazer or Broncho chassis. 

13 hours ago, NYLIBUD said:

Yea the offroad Vic is cool.The second one looks like it escaped from a junk yard.I found this 4x4 Crown Vic too.Now that is cool.Wonder if it's used for south of the border patrol.Lol.I have a black,very clean,low miles 09 Crown Vic interceptor.Its Gotta be the fastest car I've ever driven.Especially after I threw a set of Flowmasters on it.The Ford Crown Vic has got to be one of the best cars ever built.Roomy,comfortable,and very fast.But some of them don't last.??








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10 hours ago, Toner283 said:

Did they ever make any 2-door Crown Vics in those years? I don't know that I've ever seen one, I thought they were all four-door sedans.

Yes I believe they were all four door cars.These guys completed a huge job turning them into 2 door convertibles.Wild stuff.

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The Camaro and the BMW could be done with a simple Wrap, although that wouldn't happen if they were mine. The Camaro/Corvette Truck thingy ? My guess is the guy owns a junk yard with a lot of late model stuff. The black Corvette, see your fathers Oldsmobile posted here somewhere. The next two are Photo Shoppe. The Jeep SRT, well I'll bet the dealer will not honor any warranties on that drive train. Again the Camo Wrap is a little interesting.       

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Every single ride here is absolutely BIZARRE.And that limo is real,but I think it needs a whole restoration.It was once the longest limos ever.I wonder how many drive shafts and axels:othat thing has..And the wrap on the BMW,what is that?It looks like the car hit a bunch of deers,or was in a shootout with the police.Blood splatter.What is the deal with these rust wraps.I don't understand them.Then people sometimes clear coat it.The BMW,owner has to be on something to do that to his car.I know it can be taken off,but rust on a new car is just stupid.But for some reason I like the rust look on drag cars,pro mods,fastest street cars,etc.That looks wild,as long as it's not over done.Thats why the Swamp Thing is a very cool looking car.And what is up with AMG Mercedes?Again,just ugly,and stupid,imo.





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