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Wooden Russian submarine 1721 kit. Done !

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Having finished two wooden boat/ship kits I feel maybe I can begin this kit that really began my interest in wooden kits . A little info on this submarine . It is named the Yefim Nikonov’s Submarine . Believed to be the first military sub built . Building began around 1718 and was finished in 1721. The first trial was in 1724. It was a disasaster as it sank and hit the bottom and broke the bilge. The builder and 4 oarsmen were able to escape . In 1725 a second was tested and also failed . A third was tested in 1727 and it too was a failure . Not sure I am ready to tackle this kit but I will give it a go . If I run into trouble I will put it aside and build another less complicated kit and get more practice . 





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Definitely never seen anything like it, nor that they were even being built and tested in that time period. Will be checking in on this.

After your first two builds I think you can master this one also.

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On 5/10/2018 at 6:09 PM, cobraman said:

I managed to get the framework built today .



For those that don't know All current issue American paper bills are 6"long so that is a good thing to insert for scale comparison.

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Finished this little barrel that comes with the kit . Doesn’t look like it but it is made up of 32 pieces. This barrel was attached to a hose and floated on top of the water to supply air to the men in the sub . 


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I can see why it would be a struggle. Just those little tiny nails would be a challenge for me. Regardless, you're doing a great job and it looks cool. Once you get 75 feet of rope wrapped around it, it will really look like something!

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