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Mack R685 Tanker 27 in service

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Took 7 months to complete, but finally done.. Started with the Mack R685st kit. The tank bed and pretty much everything else was scratch built. Want to thank Charles(Chariots of fire) for the idea to make the elliptical tank. And to Jeff Bulmer(go nitro) for sending me the chrome tree from the Trumpeter LaFrance kit, when all I needed was the federal Q.  The first pic is of our actual truck. That pic was after we received it, so the red wheels were soon painted gold to match our colors..


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3 hours ago, Chariots of Fire said:

That came out nice!  Did you color the hose lines?  The look good!

Thanks Charles! I should have given you the credit for the hose lines also.. They are elastic that i colored with a sharpie, then weathered them. That was another change we made to the real truck after the pic!


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5 hours ago, Hermann Kersten said:

Very nice build, the video is also great, with all the lights and sounds.




1 hour ago, SpreadAxle said:

OUTSTANDING!!! YOu should be proud to have that on your shelf.

Thank you to both of you.. This has been probably my most satisfying build!

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1 hour ago, Tyler62990 said:

Amazing job on this one. Did you make those decals yourself?

Thanks Tyler.. I made the decals on the rear.. all the cab decals were done by diecast and decals... They weren't cheap, but he did an amazing job on them.

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