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AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

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Here's one bona fide Trophy kit out now.

'36 Ford Coupe Roadster.

Another one is the '58 Ford Pickup that's been out for awhile.

A possible is the '32 Ford Victoria. I know it's out.Just need confirmation it is a Trophy kit.

Pretty good crop of Trophy kits!

Maybe somebody can come up with some more.



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Thanks.Meant '53.Has Trophy logo on boxtop.

Here's the real 'hiding in plainsight'!

Mr Speed '53 Starliner!

Features the most far out version but it is a Trophy kit.

A possible is the '58 Chevy out now.

There was a Trophy version of it.

This one out is molded in gold so maybe they blew off the Trophy parts.

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14 minutes ago, Jantrix said:

What does it mean to be a trophy kit? Aside from box art?

Most of the 1/25 AMT car kits that were not bases on promos or annuals tooled up in the early to mid '60s were originally released as "Trophy Series" kits. Some of the annuals such as the '65 GTO were also labled "Trophy Series" when they were released. 

Dosen't really mean much now.

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' What does it mean to be a trophy kit? '

A whole lot!

Look at a Trophy kit with the parts pictures on the side of the box.

You get more stuff!

Take the 1925 Model T Ford Trophy.

You get two 3 in 1 kits.'Build two complete cars!'.

Double Dragster is another kit like that.Not every Trophy is a Double Kit though.

AMT kits can go in the other direction too.Some you only get parts to build stock and custom.

Even worse some you only can build one version.

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' 260 Cobra '? Do you mean the King Cobra kit with the hard top?

That has disappeared from my favorite online hobby store.Came out about a year ago.

The Mod Road/Roadster might be a Trophy kit.

It is definitely a Double Kit.Has some interesting parts so is worth getting either way.

The coil suspension is interesting.Like on Ala Kart.

Good info about the '57 and '58 Fords.

The 1925 Model T Ford Double Kit Trophy here has 140 parts.

Good thing is you can build a Tom Cognostti King T like full fendered T roadster.

Just be a '25 instead of a '27.

Put a lacquer paint job on it and off you go!



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The Mod Rod/Roadster is what's left of the Ala Kart kit. You cannot build Don Tognotti's King T from the 25 T kit. It was a 1913 Model T tooled by MPC. Totally different tool that was eventually modified to create other show rod kits.

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' You cannot build Don Tognotti's King T '

Good point about it being an early 1913 T.

'25 fendered T coupe is close enough for me.

' These:' That's interesting.

I meant which Cobra kit is a 3in1.I saw a King Cobra and it says it is 3in1.

I ain't buying the Cobra Racing Team kit for $50.That's a fact.

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2 minutes ago, regular guy said:

Is the 50 Ford out now a Trophy kit?


2 minutes ago, regular guy said:

What about the 32 Ford?

Yes, the AMT '32 Victoria is also a Trophy Series kit.

I guess it depends upon what one considers "now" regrading availability, but Round2 has reissued quite a few AMT Trophy Series kits, though the contents may not exactly match what previous Trophy Series releases of the exact same kit contained (the Carson style roof/top in the '50 Ford Convertible is no longer present, for one example).

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All good info! Thanks.

So it looks like only the 'Ford powered' older kit is the 3 in 1.Got it!

I'm due for my 1 kit every 6 months(keeps the clutter down).

Lot of kits to pick through.

Very interesting the Silhouette is a Trophy kit.Not the usual Stock, Custom and Race format.


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So, here's a list of the 29 kits pictured (for simplicity sake, the double kits are counted singly) most have been available in the last 7-8 years under Round2 ownership in one form or another(17 released, 2 due very soon)  Not many left for them to resurrect, but some that have been released already can still benefit from further restoration. Notes with an R2 mean it's been reissued in some form by Round2)

40 Ford Sedan- R2, hitting shelves very soon

53 Ford pickup- R2

57 Ford Thunderbird


32 Ford roadster- This and the coupe are surprisingly absent from R2's reissue/restoration releases

58 Chevy- R2

25 Ford T- R2

Double dragster rail- R2

Double dragster Fiat- R2

32 Ford sedan custom

40 Willis- R2

Ala Kart- (R2 Mod Rod reissue)

29 Ford roadster- R2

49 Ford- R2

32 Ford Vicky- R2

34 Ford pickup (Now that round 2 owns Lindberg, i really wish they would return this tool under the AMT brand and do a full retro reissue!)

57 Ford- R2

Silhouette- R2

36 Ford roadster/3window- R2

57 Chevy- R2

28 Ford A sedan- Fingers crossed based on recent comments by R2

40 Ford coupe- R2

49 Merc- R2

Watson Roadster

32 Ford coupe- This and the roadster are surprisingly absent from R2's reissue/restoration releases


27 Ford phaeton- I think R2. Can't remember if the "Cop Car" version that was out a few years ago was theirs or not

Dream Rod- Tiger Shark version coming soon R2




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