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This was a mojo-builder as I'd been in a slump for a few months and needed a quick fix.  I had an AMT Taurus SHO promo that had seen better days, and some leftover parts bin items from the old Taurus police and RoboCop kits, so it seemed like an easy enough solution.  It was also an experiment using some different finishes that I wouldn't normally consider, so not expecting much it moved forward.  Aside from some scratch built items like the push bar, aux lights, and repurposed radar unit that became the search light, the annoying chrome plated headlights were recast in clear resin to more closely resemble the 'futuristic' units in some of the movie shots.  It turned out that back in the late 80s when I was around 13yrs old I'd bought and built the first release of the '89 Taurus SHO kit and tried to replicate the tricky tail lights - they were still in my parts bin all these years later and finally found their home.  It could use some bar code license plates, but it was intended as a quick build and so it was.  Thanks for looking, and cheers!

IMG_9933 (2).jpg

IMG_9927 (2).jpg

IMG_9916 (2).jpg

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