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Class 325 Chevy/Maxim fire truck

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Still more work done.  There is more to do as well but the back of the truck is nearly finished.  There are two styles of pump cans that go on the left side along with buckets and a long handle shovel.  Somewhere I will have to add a fire axe.

Just for kicks I took two pump cans off of the Dodge W300 I did years ago and set them on the truck.  The ones I do now won't be as fancy as everything on it is OD color.  The pump action will be brass.  And the hose will be sewing elastic like the samples in the bed.  Second photo is what the rear of the truck looks like as of today.



Here's the Dodge I took the pump cans from.


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A couple more add-ons to the back of the body.  One more nozzle tip, some adapters and a shovel now make up the back step area.  One correction was also made.  I noticed that the decals for the tail lights were not straight so new ones were made and darkened up some.  I simply painted over the old ones and when the paint was dry added the new ones taking care to set them even and straight.B)


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Zeroing in on details now.  The left side of the rig carried hand tools and appliances.  So far the 4 gallon pump can and the 5 gallon back packs have been finished.  Yet to be done are 4 buckets stacked at the rear above the compartment.  An ax is mounted on the vertical panel behind the buckets.  The photo shows the masters, the molds and in the case of the 4 gallon pump can the intermediate unpainted version beside the finished can.  To the very left are 3 of the 4 hub caps that will cover the screws holding the wheels on the axles.  In front of the back packs are two battle lanterns that will also be mounted topside.


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And finally here are the 4 pails that are part of the equipment.  I used a photo of the actual truck to determine the size of the pails and then turned out a master of the stacked pails on my lathe.  A mold was made with the widest part down so that when the resin copy is pulled out it comes out of the mold easily.  Next was to wrap some wire around the top edges of each pail to represent the rolled edges.  Then similar wire was bent to form the handles.  The whole piece was sprayed with Rustoleum etching primer and then given a swipe with some Tamiya weathering powders.  The slightly off OD color adds some contrast and the weathering powders gives them a bit of wear around the edges and on the handles.  Just got to get all this stuff permanently mounted now.


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