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Chad Hiltz : "Green Goblin" on the Workbench 3/6/18

John Teresi

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Hello.......thanks guys for the kind comments.......I really do appreciate them:)........I got a good start on the my scratch built chassis .....it will have a air ride suspension ......I still need to finish up the front suspension........all the detail will be added latter........thanks for looking












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Hello.........Chris,Tim.....thank you for checking in .....I really appreciate it:)..........I got the frame finished and got the rest of the engine mock-ed up with some spare box parts.......I also made some headers and a  air cleaner.....all the detail will be added later......thanks for looking









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Well John.... I can honestly say that I have never seen this Green Goblin car before in my life. Your abilities and skills to put this thing together are truly incredible, and it's almost entirely scratch built too. When I first saw the photos I thought, oh that's a long bonnet ( hood ) at the FRONT.... but then I slowly realised the windshield is where I thought the back end of the car should be.... off the wall is an understatement, the whole thing is absolutely mad.... but wonderful at the same time. You know how to pick 'em John ! Also, I never realised that Cadillac engine was the largest V8 ever produced.... 500 cu inch translates in English to 8.2 litres, as we like to talk litres for engines, but then we are mad Englishmen. Following your build and work in progress with increasing interest. Brilliant!


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Probably too late now but if you want to make that engine a bit more "correct" you should round off the ends of the heads where the valve covers sit so they match up. 

I had suggested this to Ken but he never did it for some reason or another. 

I mastered those valve covers for him and have one of the engines but never seen one assembles before.

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Hello.....thanks guys so very much for the kind comments......I really do appreciate them:).......I painted the frame  "Model Color" Green Sky.....and got the Air Ride suspension plumbed and also plumbed the brake lines.......I used "Pro Tech" rubber fuel line ,nut and bolt ends, and throttle linkage.......I will add the power booster and brake pedal next......thanks for looking










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