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Black Cherry Revell Foose FD-100 Completed! 09-23-18

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This coming weekend, June 15th and 16th, we have the LA Roadster Show model car event coming up. If you're in the So Cal area, check out the events here on this site for details. Well, as part of the show, we are having a Foose sanctioned class, where the builds are all based on a Revell Foose kit.

Since Friday is likely to be lightly attended, I thought I would build up a Foose FD-100 to add to the table. Although I plan to exclude it from eligibility on Saturday since I am managing the event, this kit still is getting a lot of good reviews, so I am happy to give this one a try.

I'm staying mostly stock with it, in the essence of time, but as I got started, there were some things I couldn't resist changing.

I'm going to go with a Black Cherry HOK paint, and I found some 3d printed "Foose" Shelby-styled wheels on Shapeways from Ron Olsen. He does some fantastic work, and has some great designs out on Shapeways.

Here's the kit you all know.

One of the first things I thought to do was go for putting some real wood strips on the bed. So I had to extricate the styrene, and reinforce the bottom. I at first thought I would use some Starbucks stir sticks for the wood, but I opted to get a piece of bass wood from Hobby Lobby. It was smoother to start with, and all I had to do was cut it into strips.





Thanks for looking. More to come!


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I hate to tell you what the bed would have looked like if I tried removing the wood as you did. Your cross bracing looks very much like the 1:1 beds. I also like your stain color.  

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I appreciate you guys looking!

I decided to get rid of the metal axles, especially the front one that goes through the oil pan. I also removed the rear axle locater that are on the frame. I might regret that later!

I filled in these cutouts, but forgot to take pictures of that.




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I got these superb wheels from Ron Olsen's Shapeways site. He does some great work. These wheels. I found out later, were designed for the 1/12 scale Foose Camaro, and Ron just scaled them down to 1/25, but they were not fitted to any particular tire. So they ended up being a little too small in front, and fit strangely in the rear. You could pop them on the wheel, but the the tire would fit in side the rim and then crown the tire. So I altered them to make them the same dimensions as the kit wheels, with the same type of retention, where the wheels fit over the rim and has some ribs to keep it in place.

I added styrene to the middle of the rim on the front, then added the ribs. On the Rear, I filled in the rim with styrene, then turned down the entire diameter on the lathe, then added the ribs. They now fit exactly like the kit wheels.

This is the kit wheel on the left, the original 3D wheel on the right, and the latered wheel in the middle.

Here you can see the fit of the modified wheel on the left, and what it looked like trying to fit the rear kit tire on the unmodified wheel on the right.

Front and rear, corrected.

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I made some filler caps for the valve covers, which mimics some of the reference photos of the original truck. The breather is a Pro Tech piece, which I carry on my website.


I got the body painted, and I'm very pleased with the color. It's a Dark/Black Cherry metallic over a black base, so in low light, it looks gloss black, but when light hits it, you see the red metallic.



Here's with the flash, where you can see the metallic pop through.





And lastly for this post, some fo the engine pieces are painted.


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20 hours ago, gasser59 said:

Man Art, your skills are really showing on this build. I've seen a number of this Foose truck built all with different takes and so far I've liked every one of them. Keep after it, I'm following this one.

Thanks, Brad!

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15 hours ago, wisdonm said:

would you please tell us what you painted the headers and mufflers with? Thanks.

Don, I used the Molotow marker ink in a an airbrush. Ironically, my airbrush was malfunctioning and I messed up the finish doing some heat staining. In the interest of time, and the longer drying time of the Molotow, I decided to go with the ceramic coating look instead on the headers. I'm ok with that, because the Molotow almost has too much of a kit chrome look, which I am not a fan of too much.

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22 hours ago, WickedRidez said:

What paint did you use? I love the color of it

Thanks! It's House of Color Black Cherry with some additional black added by Coast Airbrush over a House of Kolor Black Basecoat. Omni Urethane clear over that.

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20 hours ago, John Teresi said:

Art......this is just KILLER man......that paint job pops.......the bed is just Bad A$$.......and the engine is just a piece of eye candy......hope to see it finished this weekend

Thanks, John. It's going to be close!

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That is one beautiful paint job! I remember when this truck was first anounced, and the general consensus was that you'd only be able to build it one way (as the Foose ford) Boy, were they wrong! This truck is becoming more of the popular kits to build. Builders are gettin more and more creative... I wonder if Chip looks to see what guys have done to his truck?

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