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7 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Yeah, looking very nice, it's too bad about the kegs, could you seal the grain in the wood and respray with alclad ?

Like the colour combo Jason


Yeah, the stock it was turned from is choppy at best I'd likely have to use wood filler and sand it. I'll stick with ye Olde time natural keg. 

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I like the theme of your build and the way the rear suspension is squatting under the weight of the Barrels. The wood bed stakes and floor look correct. You asked what was wrong. The fitment of the hood and front grill, maybe, this is an old work truck and they usually don't get the care of a personal truck.  The heater hoses are a little out of scale but I wouldn't bother to change them. I like the tail gate chains. I have tried to do this on two different builds and I know it's harder than it looks. I'll study yours for a while and see if I can't use yours as an example for my next pick up build. I also like the name of your Brewery and its signage.   

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On 6/12/2018 at 8:43 PM, Filthysanches said:

Small update but I think it's an awesome discovery. Maybe some might know and I'm behind the times. 

Molotow liquid chrome, is nearly impossible to clear I've tried everything, even rpf doesn't have a solid solution to clear coating it. You can see the line for the coating top and bottom, with bare molotow in the center. For both these clears. I haven't tried spraying it mainly because I use it for trim and highlights. But the difference is negligible hoping it dries as well as it looks wet though I suspect it will. It's unclear what the difference between these two are as they are from the same company. MVIMG_20180612_201905.thumb.jpg.038a4846898a5ce4fa3374338fb2ad67.jpg


For comparison here is another test with various other clears including an automotive 2 part similar to alclad, which I understand is popular. 




On 6/16/2018 at 12:17 PM, Modelbuilder Mark said:

I have not had any luck with clears over any chrome

Sorry you guys missed my thread.  Alsa Easy Chrome is an auto product they use on the 1:1 rims and it is really durable without a clear coat.  It is stupid expensive most of the time, but I posted a heads up I got, that they were having a two day sale.  It is normally $140 for two 1 ounce kits.  I got two 2 ounce kits delivered for that price including delivery. Delivery is expensive because you are shipping flamable liquids and it has to go UPS ground, special handling. 

This stuff is crazy tough.  It is a two part system with a clear base coat that has to dry overnight and the chrome which you can brush on if you want to.  There is some kind of chemical bonding that occurs between the base(which is water based) and the chrome which makes it so you can mask over it and handle it all you want without fingerprints or it rubbing off.  I carried one of the small speed forms around in my jeans pocket for a week to test it's durablity and there was no wear or rub off.

    But, you have to use the base coat and it has to be dry!  If you just spray the chrome it is as delicate as alcad or any of the other chromes.   I've been playing with it for two month now and it is everything they say.  Oh, and you can clear coat over it with automotive 2K urethane.  Here is the website- https://alsacorp.com/easy-chrome/  They will probably have another sale at some point so I would create an account to stay on top of the deals.  Oh, and an ounce of this stuff will go a long way.  

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Looks great overall! One small nit to pick; if you could cut a couple of thin slices from plastic rod or sprue, make 2 little discs (painted black) to serve as "snubbers" for the rear of the hood to space it up and into alignment. It stands out to me, the way the hood sags at the rear and throws the side trim out of line.

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