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1952 Büssing 8000 S13 [1/24 Revell Germany]

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This is my most recent build.


Forum member Jürgen (Plastheniker) gave a short history of Büssing trucks in his topic

Scratch Built 1951 Büssing 12000 U13 6x4 Underfloor Engine Truck


so I think can confine myself to the kit.


Revell's Büssing is part of a series of three similar kits. The other two kits are the 1950 Krupp Titan and the 1950s Hanomag trailer. Actually Revell planned to continue this series in the 1990s with several more classic German big trucks but unfortunately sales figures of the first three kits were not as high as expected which made Revell drop these plans.

There are reissues of all three kits from time to time.


There is not much to say about the Büssing kit. It is simply the the best truck kit I know. Details are incredible, fit and casting quality especially of the chrome parts are perfect. Finally the finished kit makes a perfect replica of one of the classic German post-war trucks.

It is a truly outstanding kit that justifies its (outside Germany supposedly rather high) price.

As far as I know this is also true for the two other kits.



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Rumours say that RoG will reissue all three kits by and by in limited quantities with new decals at lower prices. If you are interested in them keep it in mind.

This model shows what can be achieved from these really fantastic but so often terribly botched kits.

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