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On ‎7‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 5:12 PM, MrObsessive said:

Either that or perhaps take wire out of coax cable and using clear paint, attach them to the lenses like I did for the Chevy...........


That is an amazing built tip.  Saving this for future use.    And your Impala is very impressive.

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On 7/5/2018 at 7:03 PM, Casey said:

Even the Google search method, as the pinned post in the Q&A section details, turned up only one legit hit:


Maybe this kit is JUST THAT BAD. :blink:

Wow. I built that! That is a wagon conversion I did back in late 80's (when I was 17 or 18). What is funny is that I used a modified stocker tail light panel from the parts box because I thought it looked better than the messed up stock that came with the "restored" 86 issue kit.

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On 6/23/2018 at 9:10 AM, Can-Con said:

Remember the original molds were hacked into a dirt track race car sometime in the '70s. Then is was "restored" in the '80s but not very well and then "restored" again in the '90s but still not back to 100%.  

The tail light lenses are really bad. To the point I had considered making a set from sheet plastic but I couldn't get the tiny chrome strips in to my satisfaction.  They're not the same thickness all the way through, they get thinner at the back so they leave a noticeable gap when installed. I have an earlier rear bumper from before it was made into a race car and the lenses fit as poorly in that as they do the current part.

One thing to remember is the chrome on the lenses of a GTO pretty well hide the red of the lens.  I think this is one case where if AMT has of molded the lens in with the rest of the part  it would have been better than a separate part.

Image result for 65 gto rear

The strait red lenses were on the Tempests and lower level cars. Not really right for a GTO

Image result for 65 tempest rear

We had a '64 Tempest just like this!   White, 4-dr. looks like the same aqua interior.  Brings back some memories!

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