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My pet story, 1:18 Aston Martin DB11 Pearl white

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This is the diecast/resin part of the forum.   There are a few of us here who build plastic and work on diecasts.  Or just buy diecasts.   If you are a builder, but want, say a '55 Olds, where can you get that in plastic?  Oh wait, you can't.  So you buy a diecast car.   Same with a Tucker.  Or a  Hirohata Merc (body available in resin though, if you want to put all that together).   Or a 41 Chevy.   Or, or, or.   It's a model.   And at this point, you can buy all of those except the Hirohata for LESS than the price of a currently available kit and paints.   I have the all of the listed cars. - have about $10 - 30 invested in each of them except the hirohata merc, which was more expensive.  I can spend time building something I do have and still get to enjoy a model of the diecasts.  

Who cares what it's made of if you are the owner and it makes you happy.  no one said this section had to be kits.   Many diecasts are NOT kits.  And many new resins are builtups.   

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