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Is anyone making a 1962 or 1963 Chevy 4-door?

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Tom, I've seen conversions done here on the board of the car you're looking for, but those were started from existing kits and not based on any resin that I know of.

I don't know your skill level, but if you wanted to do a '62 Impala four door hardtop for instance, you could start with Revell's '62 two door and go from there. Keep in mind though that the rooflines on the four door DLO were about an ½ inch to an inch taller, and not quite the same roof stamping between the two. Then you'd have the rear window to deal with as having to either vacuform or acetate bend that one.

Four door sedans are a bit trickier as that roof was definitely taller, with the sedan roofline having a different shape altogether especially in the C pillar area. For '63, things get trickier still especially for the four door hardtops. GM went to a flatter windshield header for the B Body four door hardtops, and the only roof I know that would work with that, might be the Johan '64 Cadillac two door hardtop which used essentially the same stampings.

I've seen nice conversions on here as well using that roof, but those are scarce and you'd have to luck out and find a junk body somewhere just for the roof.

Lots of work for sure, but then they would be unique as not too many of them turn up on the show tables. ;)

Hope this helps!

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Ahhhh forgot about MCW!...........



Now this is just me, and you guys know how I am.......but there are some tweaks here and there on those bodies that I'd do to suit me ;)

Just the same, if you can deal with resin those are your best bet!

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