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Food Dehydrators & Paint Dryers

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This wo'n't be the "popular" vote but I was looking for a dehydrator and was skeptical of using a household appliance potentially capable of cooking food to dry paint.

So I bought a Dr. Dry Booth from Micromark based on a recommendation from George B


Here's the review I posted on Micromark:

Great drying booth

I’m usually not one for writing reviews but this was an exception for an exceptional product.

I had toyed with the idea of getting a cheap dehydrator for painting but I was always afraid of potential issues with too much heat and having to modify racks so it would actually hold a model and/or parts. Not the case with Dr Drybooth.

Yes it is a bit pricey when compared to modified food dehydrators but the confidence of knowing the heat is adjustable as it the drying time, I am glad I spent the extra money for a quality product!

I put a thermometer inside and cranked the heat. It warmed up in no time and kept a constant temperature until the timer ran out NEVER going higher 110 degrees.

Simple to use right out of the box and it is everything that the description says it is and MORE!

Try it once is all I can say, you’ll be glad you did!

AND, the price has dropped since I bought mine.

For those that need a longer, larger dryer...Micromark has one of those too...


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