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Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

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1 hour ago, Quick GMC said:

It's clearly dead, as sad as that may be. 


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3 hours ago, mikemodeler said:

 I felt like Harry was the was the glue that held this forum and the magazine together and after his passing last year, things changed dramatically and not for the best. Gregg's back issues (no magazine pun intended) have long been documented as contributing to the erratic publishing schedule and I think now that Harry is gone, along with having to find another publisher, Gregg is simply overwhelmed with all that goes into getting the magazine printed. Add in the high cost and most of us would have quit a long time ago. 

Seems like he wants to keep it going, his heart is in it, but if it is stressing him financially, not to mention everyone and their mother asking when the next issue is coming, it might be in his best interest, health and sanity wise, to shut it down and enjoy the years he has left. Can't fault anyone for that. I can't imagine how difficult of a position it would be to have to make that decision, but you have to do what is best for you in the end. 

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I will lock this down to stop the speculation and trolling. This topic comes up regularly, most of the same people are involved, the answer is always the same...you need to contact Gregg if you want answers.

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sorry for not seeing this earlier.

Yes, the magazine is still alive.

No, I haven't had that eighth back surgery, yet, don't know when it will be.

A quick update, as of this week, August 21, 2018, I am working 25/7 on getting the mag back up to speed.

Still don't have anyone helping with the art/layout/design, so I will be borrowing what I can from Harry's old layouts, tweaking and using what he taught me over the years.

As for the history of the mag, it's a little off, but that's a story for another day.

I thought I had put the whole timeline up here a while ago.

Yes, it costs a lot to print and mail the mag, and it's a constant battle to follow up on billings, not to mention the endless updates to the circulation data/files, all the filings, forms, and other legal/beagle things that have to be done.

Figure Golden Bell had 12 people upstairs who did all of this, full time.

No, I'm not giving up.

Yes, there are those who would love to see the mag, and me, go away, but too bad, not going to happen.

As for some other issues, as stated in private emails, this was supposed to have turned over to "Solicitors," but nothing has ever happened.

Yes, I keep EVERY SINGLE EMAIL, received and sent.

I also have now, I think it's up to seven, file cabinets of all the paperwork from the mag over the years.

When will the next issue be out?

Soon, is all I can say.

Once I'm physically able to do this, nothing will stop me, and I won't take any more crud from anyone.

I do want to thank everyone who has stood by, and behind me, over these past few years, and even decades.

The mag will be 20-years-old in 2019, which is amazing.

So, 2018, I know I'm late, again, but watch out, here I come!!!


k den




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Someone was wondering if I get paid for this. I don’t. I do it because you people do good things and this world needs that. 

Unfortunately, I’m having health issues of my own and that’s put us way behind on under the hood maintenance. I’m hoping I can get on the road to recovery soon. 

I appreciate everyone’s patience. 

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