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This is a rather advanced modification. I ruined a few kits as a kid attempting it. Here's a thread where someone did the same thing. Because of the nature of the kit, this isn't as easy as cutting at the door lines. Theres a lot of filling around the firewall and floorboards. I would do a lot of Google searching of real cars, learn what the firewall is supposed to look like and see if you feel comfortable trying it.



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Yep, Rob is exactly right. To make a flip front end work you have to find a way to connect the firewall to the kick panel area of the interior. But, if you're willing to wait a bit you might be in luck. They're reissuing a flip nose 57 Chevy that has most of this work done for you right out of the box. The scales are different but the firewall needs to be a bit smaller to clear the fenders anyway.


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