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Widebody BMW M3


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Hi. This is the new BMW M3, built as a street/track car.

- Widened fenders
- Widened rims. I used Fujimi's wide spoke wheel set. Can't remember where the centers came.
- Added carbon fiber to front lip and rear spoiler
- Added 350Z rear spoiler as a roof spoiler
- Changed exhaust tip and made wastegate ehaust trough bonnet
- Added passenger seat and made seat harnesses.





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12 hours ago, Zoom said:

Looks great and well done!

But is that a head light lens missing?

The headlight is missing as a makeshift air-intake for the turbine. As far as I know, this is common on drag cars and such. Someone please correct me if I am wrong :) great model btw, the fender flares look fantastic :)

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19 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Very nice mods and paintwork Ville.

I too am interested,..is there an engine in there ...?

Also the glass is impeccably clean...explain..? lol


Unfortunately there is no engine in this kit. Although it has some nice detail in the engine compartment. Glass is just stock kit glass.

And that one headlight is missing for a reason. It's turbo air-intake as Powerplant wrote.

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