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Revell '29 Roadster, Late '50s Style

Richard Bartrop

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The grille from MCG arrived, and I think it will do just fine.   The inner rims are from the AMT '29, thinned down so they'll look a little more realistic, and so the brake drums will sit deeper inside the wheel.  The inner rims were given a  chrome finish with the Molotow pen, and glued to the brake drums, giving a secure attachment point for the tires, and eliminates the need to handle the rims.  I did have to trim the ends off the coupe dash so that the windshield would fit, but aside from that, the top of the dash fit the bottom of the windshield perfectly.  I'm debating whether or not to trim the windshield a little more.


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I let myself get sidetracked on this one, but here's a little more progress.

The rear brake drums were hanging up on the rear fenders, so I carved those out.


I was originally just going to sandwich the rear spring between the brakes. but the more I looked, the less I liked that idea, especially with how visible it was all going to be, so I scratched a set of mounts for the rear spring.


The body is just about ready for paint, and I think I'm going to go with Model Master Stoplight Red over Humbrol Bronze with a white firewall.  As for the chassis, right now I'm undecided between the body colour, gold, or white.

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I'm enjoying this build! Just the right mix of period-correct parts, and nicely proportioned. I even like the unchopped windshield frame. 

Color-wise, while it would look good in gold, purple, ice blue, candy red....I actually quite like the mockup shots in white styrene. How about pearl white?

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I decided to go with Tamiya gloss white for the chassis, with an aluminum finish for the quick change.  The Model Master flat white I used on the tires wouldn't dry, and the LHS was out of Tamiya flat white, so those will be attached once he whitewalls are redone.  The transmission on the Hemi is shorter than the kit engine,  so I scratchbuilt a new driveshaft.


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Thanks, Bernard.  Coming from the master of the vintage rod, that is high praise indeed.

I was originally going to go with the swoopy headers from the Double T kit, but they didn't really have the look I wanted, so I did some rummaging, and found a set from the Revell '32 Ford that when mounted upside down, bent in just the right way to clear everything.  It doesn't really show in the photo. but I gave the ends a light spray of Tamiya Clear Orange and Clear blue so it looks like the engine has actually been fired up.  I scratched up a set of caps out of styrene, with some slices of thin Plastruct hex rod for the bolt detail, and touched up with a Molotow pen.  The fan is from a 2002 issue AMT '29 roadster with some Molotow chrome.


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