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58 Impala Roadster


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Greetings from mtr cty,,heres what I would do to a 58 Impala if $$ was no object for the 1:1 car. Its a kit from the 90's,, AMT 3n1 I got at a swap meet,,10$ I think.  Modified parts are: Removed  hard top,, Intake for the 409 mtr. Rims,,rear tires,,sidepipes,used custom front airdam that came in kit.  Painted w/ Testors quickdry enamel. Hand painted interior. Kit came w/opening doors,,but they took alot of sanding+ size/fit work to get them to close decently. Hand painted sidetrim work as well. No BMF anywhere on this,,just taped it off w/tamiya tape,,and painted it.  I think its one of Chevy's best designed body styles. So unique. Enjoy all the works here,,keep on building!








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Very well done. I'm curious about a couple of things...

Did you call it a roadster because there is no soft top?

Did you alter the tail lights to omit the back up lights?

Image result for 58 impala back up light

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Thanks guys,,and yea Bigtall,,I did forget the rear lens frames,,and BU lights. The bezels for the rear tail lens were so small + frail on the sprues that when I trimmed them off,,there were the dreaded sprue warts on 2 sides of the diameters,  tried to fine file them round but couldnt quite get a convincing "round" look,,,so  I just installed w/o the bezels{ I know ,,its not  " period correct",,many times thats not so much my goal w/a build.} And Roadster does come to mind due to removal of the hard top. Maybe its not a roadster,,maybe "roadster like"? lol  And opon looking at it closer,,I realized I forgot something else,,  Throttle linkage rod going to carbs from the firewall area!  UPDATE::  I have the throttle linkage pc built+ painted,,will install when it dries. But Ill paint the backup lights while it dries.thanks again for looking+comments. Build away!

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