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1932 Ford Roadster re-do


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DI decided to re-do a 1/24 Monogram Deuce Roadster I had originally built 11 years ago in order to replicate one of the four cars featured on the Deuce Days 2019 t-shirt. The changes made were different wheels, tires, headlights, hood, dash and steering wheel, chromed the bumper brackets and front suspension, added door & trunk handles, added, grill shell cap & emblem, different license plates and added a horn and rear spreader bar.


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3 hours ago, espo said:

I really like the Before build, but the After is more of a current look to it. Either way this is an outstanding looking model. 

Yes they are kit taillights with some clear red on them. Other than the frame being part of the fenders, I have always thought this is a pretty nice kit which definitely builds a good looking full fendered rod. I have been toying with the idea of building a replica of Gray Baskerville's Deuce as featured in the current issue of the Rodder's Journal. It could be built almost directly from the box with some detailing.

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You know Phil, I have never understood why there are so many magazine and Internet photos of built up AMT roadsters and so few of the Monogram.  Your model here proves my point - they are simply a better looking model all around.  I currently have five on my shelf and another four in the build and they are easily my favourite hot rod model.  Notice I didn't say they are the best hot rod model, just my favourite.

I do like both versions of your Deuce but the second one is simply beautiful and very contemporary..  I especially like the impact of those shiny Halibrands. 

And as far as the frame being part of the fenders, you can't build the AMT as a decent hiboy anyway because the frame and the body are soooooooo mis-shapen.  I have built three hiboys and one channelled car out of the Monogram  kit and whilst there is some work involved in thickening up the outside of the front of the frame and the inside of the middle section of the frame, it comes out really nice and is only bettered by the new tool Revell (which is now over twenty years old!)

Thanks for sharing this with us here - it is an inspirational model.



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16 hours ago, alan barton said:

 my favourite hot rod model.  Notice I didn't say they are the best hot rod model, just my favourite.


7 hours ago, Dave Darby said:

 It's one of the best if not the best 32 roadster kits available. Very under rated. 


16 hours ago, alan barton said:



7 hours ago, TooOld said:



5 hours ago, PARTSMARTY said:


Thanks guys. We can only hope this Deuce kit will be available again when Revell of Germany formulates its plans for the future.

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