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Water-Based Spray Chrome System

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Boy I tell ya. When you take on something like this, it can sure be a challange :huh: . Hadn't done any of this Chroming since last October or November. It's miserable to spray water stuff, when it's in the high 30's and low 40's, and raining sometimes, even though it worked good "usually", so I waited 'till spring and warmer weather to do this, but nothing would work right. Ya have to do this outside.

I've been at this since April :unsure::blink::o trying to get this system to work again. Everything I tried up until a few days ago failed. Talk about exasperating. I did this for over a year and now nothing worked.

I have some video's of other systems being used, so I watched them over and over to get some clues. I also went on line and read up on as many other systems as I could find looking for clues :D.

Finally a break-through two days ago. I found out these chemicals don't like warm weather. DUUUH on me :P .

At 60 degree's or less everything is back to "beautiful normal" now. Whoooda thought??

Learned a lot of other cool stuff too, so now I have a much more dependable, consistant, and repeatable system that I can enjoy and do better with now - most of the time - I hope :lol: .

Haven't worked on anything seriously for a couple of weeks, and started having withdrawls :lol:.

Now I can get back to some serious playing :rolleyes:.

Bye the way. This is not an April Fools Joke (Gregg) B)

Here's part of the system


Here's some parts I got ready and then chromed.


Here's some chromed parts all finished for some upcoming projects. Got a couple to redo, but the rest turned out great.


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Wondered where ya been Dave.

The "chrome" looks pretty cool, but also looks $$$.

I don't think that product would work well here. There's only about two months ayear when it is in the 60's. Other than that its too HOT or too cold! :unsure:

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This stuff looks great, Dave. Are you going to market this service?

Hey John :D

Thanks for asking.

I'm retired and just playin'. Still got a way to go to make it better. Chrome Tech is a good source and their prices are pretty reasonable.

I'm like most of you guy's wanting to learn new things and do it yourself. It took me seven month's to figure this out and then another four month's to make it better. Some of us are just nut's :lol::lol:.

No way to justify the $$$, except the challange and the fun. Believe me, Chrome Tech is way cheaper.

Happy modeling my friend - Dave :lol:

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:lol: Dave, DO NOT let the enviromentalists find out about yer system, or they'll be ALL OVER yer Butt! Is it safe? is it Biodegradable? is it yadda yadda yadda? who knows the gov't. might use it to replace WATERBOARDING! It LOOKS scary enough to get some people to talk!All those hoses an all.Looks like one of them I.V. execution thingies! Keep this one under your hat! :lol::lol::D:o
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