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The Dr Of Style

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Skateboard I did for a present,


Hubcap art submitted for a junk/recycling exhibition


Little CarToon drawing of my 29 Ford


These two cars were painted by me and my students for the Shi!box Rally that runs each year in Australia, raising money for the Cancer Council. I've got my name on the waiting list to do a rally but that list is about 3 yrs long currently. Participants need to fundraise and then drive cars worth less than $1000 on a 7 day outback rally.....All up I've done 6 cars...will just have to find the photos.



Little detail pic of Thunderbird 4 from a mural I did for my Nephew's bedroom


Thanks for looking


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Amazing work on some of those pieces. I keep going back to the hubcap. I'm not sure what's going on there but I don't really want to know. It's enough that it holds my attention and keeps me thinking. I wish my town had that kind of a repurpose exhibit. 

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Been a bit quiet on the modelling side, but here's some pics of my latest project. Home made arcade machine, built with formply and aussie jarrah inserts. 1300 games of pirated goodness....came out pretty close to my design, i decided to do all internal fixings rather than the silver bolts planned.





arcade design.jpg

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