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Opel GT - Quad 4 Turbo


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Recent issue AMT/R2 kit. Always liked these as they resembled a mini corvette, but the actual kit and it's overall detail left a lot to be desired. Used some of it's custom exterior parts and added wheels/tires from AMT '97 Camaro convertible. Underneath,  in came a 2.1 Quad 4 motor from an ancient AMT Beretta scrapper and the turbo from the Monogram Olds Aero spare parts with some scratchbuilding. I wasn't able to get in an upgraded transmission in due to the quite narrow bay and interior tub, so the 4 cyl opel transmission was used as that's the only thing that would pair with the Quad 4 motor and fit. Suspension was left as is and the exhaust was reworked with a muffler coming off a Corvette exhaust accompanied by cutting down the aluminum stacks to make as some rather wicked exhaust tips. The kit's chrome taillights were too thick and clunky looking, plus one of them was a short shot and the other half chromed. I ended up making do with pieces of a flat clear parts tree painted Tamiya Clear Red on one side then some Sliver on top, IMO this looks better that using the kit's clunky parts even if they weren't botched from molding defects. Speaking of defects, the glass was a short shot as well and of course only one side of the F/R glass piece was half molded on one side. I found a spare glass set from parts from an old Opel GT I built years ago and while not perfect, I'm happy with using that than relying on trying to have R2 take like 5 months to send a replacement.

Paint is Tamiya Clear Orange over Rustoluem Aluminum, cleared with Pledge/Future.









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Nice smooth paint work. I like the engine swap idea, more contemporary than the kit's V-6 option. I like the wheels even though the tires seem a little large.  

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6 hours ago, espo said:

I like the wheels even though the tires seem a little large.  

I do agree the tires seem a bit large, but those were the only ones that the Camaro rims and the backings would fit on without sticking out from the tire. I originally had more larger wheels from Integra spare parts planned, but the only tires that fit those were the super skinny ones that came with it and made it look more like a donk lowrider. I decided for a mini muscle look and the large profile tire with the small wheel size does work better for the Opel.

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